Gästezimmer im
Naturpark Südschwarzwald

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Gästehaus Sonnhalde
Fam. Klingele
Sonnhalde 2
79695 Wieden

Phone / Fax: 0049 7673 932439
E-Mail: info@sonnhalde-wieden.de


Terms and Conditions

We hope you will book with Haus Sonnhalde and look forward to welcoming you here. When you make this booking you are entering an agreement with us. Please read the terms and conditions of booking below.

Once a booking has been confirmed ( either in writing or by phone ) you have entered a legal contract ( as covered by German Law -) Any cancellation is to be made in writing to Haus Sonnhalde directly.

The price includes your bed and breakfast accommodation, parking for your car, breakfast and all taxes.

All prices are in Euros. All payment for your room is payable on arrival.

We do not guarantee a particular room and in the event of a double booking we will endevour to find a replacement room, at a similar price, in our area.

To secure your reservation we can either take your credit card details ( which will only be debited should you not arrive or cancel within the 2 weeks before planned arrival ) or you may make a deposit ( for which we will send you details ). Should your country not operate within the new SEPA ( which makes money transfers free of charge ) rules, you are responsible for the bank costs. Please note that PayPal charges are also 4%.

Under German Law, cancellations are charged as follows:

  • 15 -11 days before planned arrival date - 50%
  • 10 - 6 days before planned arrival date - 60%
  • less than 5 days before planned arrival date- 90% of total bill.

If we can re-let your room(s) we will naturally not charge you!

No shows are charged at 100% !

If you have to shorten your holiday with us, we will charge 80% of the final total ( if we can re-let your room for the remaining days we will naturally refund you).

Our Check in times are before 15.00 - 18.00

We will agree an arrival time with you when you make your booking ( or at least 2 days before your planned arrival) and we would appreciate being advised of any change in your anticipated arrival time. We are only a small guest house and there is not necessarily always somebody here. We do not guarantee that rooms will be ready before 15.00p.m. but will do our best for those guests arriving early.

Our Arrival Times are 15.00 - 18.00 ( as stipulated by DEHOGA / under German Law).

Arrivals after 21.00 up to 23.00 incur an extra fee of €10 per room. Arrivals after 23.00 incur an additional fee of €20.00!

We ask that rooms be vacated by 10.00 a.m. If you wish to leave your car with us please ask. It should not be a problem.

We offer a washing service ( which is charged at €6.00 per 6Kg washing machine or €8.00 for an 8Kg washing machine). Drying is charged additionally at €6.00 for 5Kg ( or parts there of).

IE. The washing and drying of 6Kg mixed washing will cost €12.00 / 8Kg wash & dry will be €20.00 A good quality washing powder is included in the price. We do no make reductions for you using your own washing powder.

We do not iron the clothes and pairing and folding of the clothes is the sole responsibility of the owner/ guest.

Any damage to our machines ( due to bra wires, coins or other items) is solely the responsibility of the guest and the opinion of the mechanic/ engineer who is repairing the machine is to be accepted by both parties. We do load the machine but we do not check the clothes or turn clothes inside out or otherwise. We accept no responsibility for damage to clothes washed or dried by us.

We ask you respect the fact that in Germany it is considered inconsiderate to shower between the hours of 22.00 - 07.00

We also ask our guests to insure that they are quiet from 22.00 onwards so that other guests are not disturbed. Please remember that everyone wants to enjoy their holiday.

This is a no smoking household and B&B. Smoking in the house ( this includes the toilets ) is against the law and we make an immediate charge of €100 to cover cleaning costs and any inconvenience caused. Our decision on whether or not someone has smoked in the room is final ! You will be notified in writing as soon as is reasonably practicable if evidence of smoking is discovered, in your room, after you depart.

Please report any damage or breakages, however caused, as soon as possible. We do not normally charge for small „mishaps“ however, under German law you are responsible for damage, breakages, replacements, repairs or subsequent losses caused by larger "mishaps“. Often this might actually be covered by your insurance!

Vehicles parked on our premises are done so at their owners own risk!

We do not accept responsibility for any damage unless caused by our negligence. Any dispute will be governed by the law of the German Courts.

Any dispute will be considered by Schönau im Schwarzwald.