Gästezimmer im
Naturpark Südschwarzwald

Wieden is there, where the Black Forest is at it‘s most beautiful!

Welcome to our moutain village Wieden. Nesseled in the Black Forest Nature Reserve, that lies between 700 and 1300 meters above sea level!

Around our vilage there is a web of routes for ramblers, such as the Belchen premium route, the Wieden Kneipp routes and many more that stretch out to Schauinsland, Feldberg and Belchen.

With the mountain bike the routes provide interesting routes to explore the surroundings.

In winter the crosscountry ski tracks on the Hohtann Centre are prepared for your enjoyment and the downhill ski pistes of Wieden - Muenstertal are ready for the whole family!

Snowshoes are available for hire in the Tourist Information!

The Mining Museum „Finstergrund“ is also worth a visit.

The only mine in the Black Forest that you enter on the original train.

The story of the mine, it‘s workers and the area can be experienced first hand!

Many events take place throughout the year, including the annual „Jungviehauftrieb“ ( which is when the young cattle are taken up to the mountain pastures to graze during the summer) the „Kohlenmeiler“ ( the production of charcoal using traditional woodstacks) the traditional village „Volkswandertag“ in autumn, where most of the village ramble through the beautiful countryside and meet up together for a cool beer in the village park afterwards.

Or the traditional Alphorns that playout the old year and provide our guests with an unforgetable experience.

Just a few of the things that our guests are invited to experience!